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Residential Aged Care at Olivet

Residential Aged Care in Melbourne

We pride ourselves on our person-centred care delivered by our experienced care teams headed up by a Clinical Nurse in each household

Residential Aged Care in Melbourne

There is always a Registered Nurse working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Olivet Care’s Residential Care Home features six separate households –including one household specifically caring for residents requiring memory support – which in total provides accommodation for 135 residents

With visiting entertainers and an engaging program of activities and social events, there are so many opportunities to enjoy life whilst socializing and maximising your physical and emotional well-being.

Companionship is so important, and we strive to offer a wide range of activities to suit everyone.
Our extensive gardens and outside areas include our Sensory Garden Walk which is easily accessible and available to our residents and we welcome family and friends to enjoy our leafy surrounds.

There is ample opportunity to reserve a space for a function or party specially catered by our hospitality team. All meals are designed to meet dietary requirements with input by our in-house dietician and we regularly welcome feedback and suggestions from our residents.

Is Olivet Residential Care the right fit for me?

At Olivet Care, we understand everyone's path may be a little different and each step of the way even more unique, and so too should be the care you receive

Residential care may be suitable for someone who....

  • Can no longer manage being at home with a home care package

  • Has been told by a medical professional they can no longer live at home

  • Is unable to return home from the hospital after a procedure

  • Is prone to falls, slips or is at risk of harm when alone at home

  • Due to changes to memory it is no longer safe at home

  • Requires 24 hour medical care to ensure wellbeing and basic needs are met

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We’ll work with you to make sure each step feels right, safe and approachable. This means getting to know you or your loved one well, their needs, their likes, what makes them unique and special so in partnership, we can accompany you through the beautiful, but sometimes the hard journey of ageing.

What you can expect at Olivet Residential Care

At Olivet Care, we understand everyone’s path may be a little different and each step of the way even more unique, and so too should be the care you receive. We’ll work with you to make sure each step feels right, safe and approachable. This means getting to know you or your loved one well, their needs, their likes, what makes them unique and special so in partnership, we can accompany you through the beautiful, but sometimes the hard journey of ageing.

Meals & Dining Services

Shared Facilities & Services

Medical Care & Nursing

Activities & Socialisation

Enjoy our homely facilities

At Olivet we have a range of shared facilities including the café, gardens, dining areas and more

Ruby Cafe

Cafe & Dining Areas

Our residents can enjoy our Cafe, named after the namesake Austin 7 car, as well as homemade meals cooked in our own kitchen. If there are any dietary concerns our substantial menu can be adapted to fit any requirements.
Gardens & Courtyards
Take a walk and nourish your mind and body. Our beautiful residence includes gardens and courtyards with plenty of natural light and comfortable settings that can support socialisation, physical activity and wellbeing.
Residential Care Olivet
24/7 Registered Nurses
Our highly-qualified Aged Care staff are available and committed to our residents wellbeing around the clock. We offer a variety of services to cater to different levels of care.
Understanding residential care costs

The Australian Government provides funding for a range of aged care related services

Olivet Care is a government-subsidised aged care provider and the fees and costs for our residential care services and accommodation are based on the standard rates as regulated by the Department of Health on behalf of the Australian Government.

More information on eligibility for subsidised residential aged care and applying for an assessment can be found on the Australian Government My Aged Care website.

Our helpful admissions team will assist you to understand the costs and fees that would be applicable, based on your individual situation and the accommodation options we have available within our various households. This may include undertaking an income and assets assessment to work out what fees you may need to pay.

If they can afford to, there is an expectation that those coming into aged care homes will contribute towards their ongoing care and accommodation costs

There are 4 main types of fees and costs associated with residential aged care:

  • Basic daily fee

  • Means-tested care fee

  • Accommodation cost

  • Additional services fees

The basic daily fee covers the day to day living costs such as meals, laundry, cleaning and general utilities costs.

The basic daily fee is set at a maximum of 85% of the single Aged Pension and is the same for everyone, whether or not you receive the Aged Pension.

The basic daily fee is currently set at $61.96. As the fee is linked to the Aged Pension, the amount payable is reviewed twice a year in March & September. All residents will be advised of the new fee whenever changes are made.

The means-tested fee is an additional contribution towards the costs for day to day personal care and nursing costs, but only applies to people who can afford it.

The actual fee that will apply, if any, is based on an assessment of your income and assets. For couples, the fee is based on half your combined income and assets, regardless of who earns the income or owns the assets.

There are annual and life-time caps on the means-tested fee. Maximum annual fee you can be asked to pay is currently now $33,309.29.

Accommodation costs are the fees that residential aged care providers charge for the specific room that is provided. Room costs can vary depending upon local property prices, the type and size of a room and other amenities that are available within the home.

There are three ways accommodation costs can be paid:
• a lump-sum Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD); or
• a regular rental type payment called a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP); or
• a combination of both a partial RAD and a DAP calculated on the unpaid lump sum.

Like the means-tested fee, whether you are required to pay the full price for your accommodation will be based on an assessment of your income and assets. You can move into a home before deciding how you want to pay. You have 28 days to decide and until then, a DAP will apply until you make that decision.

Full details of the room options by household we currently have available at Olivet Care, including associated RAD and DAP accommodation costs, can be found on the My Aged Care website. A summary is also provided below.

A lump-sum that is paid as you enter Olivet Care, or shortly thereafter, based on the room provided.

Fully refundable upon probate being granted.

The DAP is calculated as a daily cost and is charged monthly

The calculation is based on the full RAD (less any partial RAD paid) multiplied by the maximum permissible interest rate (MPIR) applicable on the day the room price was agreed. The current MPIR is 8.34%.

For example, if the RAD for a room is $550,000 then the DAP payable is $125.57 ($550,000 x 8.34%/365).

DAP payments are not refundable

Our aim is to provide all our residents with a level of care and services that will exceed expectations. Additionally, we do offer a range of reasonably priced ‘hotel style’ services to provide enhanced lifestyle choices. These include wine with meal options, telephones in rooms, and Wi-Fi for streaming services, etc.

Residential Care Room Prices

Household/Room type Room size (excl.ensuite) Ensuite type Maximum Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) Maximum Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)
Myrtle Court Household - Single room + Ensuite 12 sqm Private $450,000 $102.82 per day
Acacia Household - Single room + Ensuite 20 sqm Private $550,000 $125.67 per day
Juniper Household - Single room + Ensuite 22 sqm Private $650,000 $148.52 per day
The Willows Household - Single room + Ensuite 24 -26 sqm Private $550,000 $125.67 per day
The Willows Street View - King Single Room + Ensuite 24-26sqm Private $650,000 $148.52 per
The Oaks Household - Single room + Ensuite 24 – 26 sqm Private $550,000 $125.67 per day
The Oaks Premium Suite 20 - Single room + Ensuite 31.25 sqm Private $750,000 $171.36 per day
The Oaks Premium Suite 30 - Single room + Ensuite 41.25 sqm Private $750,000 $171.36 per day
The Oaks Street View - King single room + Ensuite 24-26sqm Private $650,000 $148.52 per day
The Palms Household - 9 Single rooms + Ensuite from 19 – 43 sqm Private $550k - $950K $125.67 - $218.10 per day

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Making the decision to access home care services, join a day program, or move into an aged care home can be complicated

There is a lot to consider, from the level and style of care to the personal needs of you and your loved ones.

Each of our aged care options are designed to make a positive impact on the lives of our residents, home care clients and day program participants. We offer a meaningful and personalised experience to every individual regardless of whether they reside with us for a short or extended period of time, or begin to need care at home.

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